Coil Cleaning

Why Clean Your Condenser Coils? - Dirty condenser coils may be one of the biggest reasons why your energy bills increase in the summer months. The more dirt and grime that builds up on your condenser coils, the harder your compressor has to work and the less efficient it becomes.

How are your condenser coils currently cleaned? Most HVAC contractors spend a lot of time and a lot of your money cleaning these coils with only a garden hose. The Walters Company, however, uses the ONLY Portable Coil Cleaning Machine in the Capital Region! This machine allows our technicians to thoroughly and efficiently clean your condenser coils.

What is a Portable Coil Cleaning Machine? - We have custom equipped one of our fleet vans with the following:

  • - Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washer - 3.8 Gallons Per Minute, 3500 PSI, 13 HP Honda Motor
  • - 600 feet of hose - we are able to reach units that are 10 stories high.
  • - 300 gallon water tank - allows us to clean coils even when there is no available water source.
  • - Remote Starter - allows our technicians to be able to turn on and off the unit without ever having to leave your roof resulting in savings in time and money.