Energy Efficiency

Fact:You can get as much as 30% energy efficiency savings in offices up to 20,000 square feet with new HVAC systems.

At The Walters Company we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solution to their heating and cooling needs. Most often, this includes recommending efficient and ecologically sound systems that, though they may carry an initial higher cost, save our client's money in the long run through lower utility bills and government incentives.

Green Options:

  • 1. Install High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment Models (minimum 13.0 EER)
  • 2. Upgrade Energy Management Systems
  • 3. Switch from Electric to Natural Gas
  • 4. Direct Digital Control Systems

An Example

Though not the low bidder, The Walters Company was awarded the contract to make improvements to the NAPA Distribution Center in Latham, NY thanks to our "thorough proposal and devoted approach to the project."

As a result of the energy-efficient improvements, NAPA is eligible to receive more than $16,000 in incentives from the New York Energy $mart "Smart Equipment Choices Program".

New York Energy $mart

As a participant in the New York Energy $mart Unitary HVAC Program, The Walters Company designs and installs systems that qualify our clients for programs designed to lower electricity costs by encouraging energy efficiency as the State's electric utilities. The programs are available to electric distribution customers (residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial) who pay into the Systems Benefits Charge (SBC). Read how the NAPA Distribution Center of Latham patricipated in Energy $mart with The Walters Co.