Operations and Maintenance

We provide full-service maintenance, with dedicated staff to ensure on-going system maintenance and quick repair.

HVAC systems use a great deal of energy and with proper maintenance and/or system upgrades your company can see incredible savings. We urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. Preventive Maintenance allows for more efficient operation of units and energy savings in three different areas.

  • 1. Cleaning
  • - Your filters should be changed quarterly to allow air to pass through freely.
  • - Your condenser coils should be washed with high pressure and hot water to reduce high head pressures.

  • 2. Belts
  • - Inspecting your belts to make sure they are properly tightened ensures that excess amps are not being drawn.
  • - Worn belts can crack and break causing costly down time.

  • 3. Inspections
  • - Technicians inspect mechanical and electrical components of your units to prevent any breakdowns, inefficiencies or inconveniences for you in the future.

By having preventive maintenance done on your HVAC system you can avoid these costly problems and maintain peak efficiency.